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Sian Prime

S1 E2: The Wonderful World of Creative Entrepreneurship


Siân Prime is an educator, producer and the lead of Academic Enterprise for Goldsmiths College, University of London. She has done work with the British Council, Nesta, Arts Council, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and much more. Siân's work surrounds a multitude of different start-ups and creative enterprises. She has taught, coached, and encouraged creatives around the world. In this episode we discuss creative journeys through an array of different types of arts education institutions, and how creatives are taught, the way mentors can sometimes get it wrong and how to move forward as a creative entrepreneur. 

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Lightening Round Answers





This was the image drawn by Adrian De La Court for a performance of Macbeth. 

Siân and Adrian graciously allowed us to show it here, but copyright belongs to 
©Siân Prime 

©Adrian De La Court


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