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Sean Hill

S1 E9: The Way to World Peace

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Sean Hill is an award winning multidisciplinary artist & humanitarian with the focus of supporting universal inner & outer peace in a realistic, fun, & passionate way.  As a SAG actor, host, speaker, touring spoken word artist & workshop facilitator he has shared stages and pages with Oscar winners, platinum singers, Grammy winners, and literary giants. In this episode, Sean opens up about his journey into creativity through poetry, and friendship. What it means to be nourished by creativity, friendship and even research. How important it is to dive into the realm of our creative mediums and to fall in love with it again and again. Sean has an incredible TED Talk, he has several books out which can be found here. For his albums, go here. 

Website | InstagramTED Talk,

Lightening Round Answers





A compilation of costumes from "The Flash" over the last few decades.


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