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Marie Phillips

S1 E7: Sharing Space with Your True Voice 

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In this episode, we chat with Marie Phillips. we discuss the importance of saving and sharing space for the true voice. Marie is a British writer, storyteller and writing coach. Marie enlightens us with so many incredible insights for what it means to actually give your creativity a place to live, in your daily life. She talks openly and vulnerably about what it means to build a career in writing and telling stories in different ways and different mediums. 
Her work includes the novels Gods Behaving Badly, (also a film), The Table of Less Valued Knights, Oh, I Do Like To Be..., and Create Your Own Midlife Crisis. She has performed her stories across the UK and Europe, including sell-out shows at the Amsterdam International Storytelling Festival and the Oerol Theatre Festival. As a coach she works with all kinds of writers including storytellers, novelists and musicians.

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