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Lowri Drakley

S1 E8: Diving Deep Into the Seasons of Creating

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Lowri Drakley is a textile artist based in Snowdonia, who also dabbles in creative coaching. She has trained in fine art and textiles, with experience in fashion, retail, artistry and quilting. She spends her time foraging for natural products for dyeing that she uses with recycled materials to create and make quilts and other textile products. She weaves her work with stories and passion and allows the natural world to nurture  and dictate her work. Lowri discusses using and reusing to make, as well as understanding how to build in cycles and seasons, following natural patterns of what is available in seasons, and listening to your own inner cycles to build as well. 
*Note: Lowri talks about Wabu Sabi, but the practice is actually called  Kintsugi 

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