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Katie Rose

S1 E4: Raise An Encouraging Voice


In this episode we chat with Katie Rose about singing, choirs, creative facilitation and leading different individuals that suffer from a number of difficulties, from respiratory issues to mental health challenges. Katie discusses the practice of singing, and her medium of creativity. She takes us on a journey spanning religious and spirituality in the creative process, as well as discussing creative barriers and how we can better understand them to break them down. Katie has recently released a new album. 

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Lightening Round Answers



 "The Tree of Life" was a pick of Katie's, but she enjoys the inner creative journey of a soul and would like to create the film she would like to watch. 


monet lillies 2.jpeg

Monet's Lillies at
Musée de l'Orangerie



 "Summertime" was one of Katie's picks, but really it would be creating her own music which you can find below. 

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