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Welcome to the Podcast All About Creativity!

Do you ever wonder if you aren't creative, or wish you had more creatitvity within you? Have you ever wanted to become a painter, or sculptor. Does your soul call out to create? 

Ours does too! Which is why we created Curious About Creativity, a podcast that breaks down barriers to creativity. We do this through interviewing people who are pioneering careers and projects in the creative industries. 


This is us!

We are Steph Turner and Ashley Evenson! 
A couple of creatives who both set out to make our own paths in this world. We both wanted to create careers that light our souls on fire. 

We meet tons of other creatives who have the same dreams we did, of taking the plunge into the world of creativity and finding ways to forge their journeys.


We came together to start this podcast, because we believe EVERYONE is creative. We believe that there are so many barriers to creative, because lots of people don't believe they "have what it takes." 


We are here to tell you - you do! And there is a space for you in this creative world 


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